Mark from casting crowns talks about Courageous


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Ultimatly will it last?

In this clip Mark from Casting Crowns talks about the song Courageous

Courageous… the song that inspired this site :)



This is the song that inspired the creation of Men of Courage. It’s our desire to see men lead well: at home, in their workplace, in their community, and in the Church.

As Christian men, we’re all leaders – just that most of us have not been taught how to walk that out in our lives!

Explanation of the song “just another birthday”



Great encouragement to fathers as to how important it is to connect to our girls, they share:

  • Some great insight into the hearts desire of our girls.
  • Do you delight in me?
  • Am I the apple of your eye?
  • Do you love me?


Worth thinking about how connected you are to your daughter!

Casting Crowns “Just another birthday”



As a dad with two girls of my own, this song makes my heart ache for girls who have no dad. It goes further than that, though… it also goes out to the girls who have a dad, but their dad is distant or absent due to work, hobbies, or any number of other things that we males can become obsessed with.

What a privilege we have been given by God in our daughters! A chance to demonstrate His love in real ways, as we care for and love our girls into womanhood.

Simply love them… and that means taking time to be around them. Ask them questions about their lives. Their interests. Their friends. Their school. Get them talking… then just shut up and let them talk for a while (this shouldn’t be hard!) 🙂

Just a few minutes a day of genuine listening – without giving advice unless asked for it – goes a long way to helping your daughter to know that you love her, respect her, and are interested in her.



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