Mars Hill’s Luke Series

Before watching this Luke series and working through the book of Luke  in-depth,  my view of Jesus was distorted.


I had the view although I never said it that he was kind of  wishy washy and off patting lambs and stuff like that.  This series made me grow immensely in my respect for and understanding of who Jesus is! I highly recommend the time investment (its 100 sermons each about 1 hour long) but its well worth the time.


I hope like me you get to know the Jesus who is strong, fearless, courageous, loving, kind, huge tolerance for pain, protector,  a servant and king!

The Jesus of the bible!

follow this link to start the journey


Luke’s Gospel: Investigating the Man Who Is God | Mars Hill Church

Is your Jesus Plastic?



Your words may say “Jesus is my king” but what about between the lines? Watch this video and think about what your words say V your actions…

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