Steve Farrar – Man of Courage

Who is Steve Farrar?

Steve Farrar | Man of Courage

Steve Farrar | Man of Courage

When it comes to consistent male Christian authors, Steve Farrar would have to be high on the list.

After dedicating 15 years to serve as the pastor of a local church and speaking infrequently at conferences, Steve was called to his next step in ministry – helping Christian men get connected back to their Father God, and equipping them to be everything God calls them to be.

Steve has written many books over the years, including:

  • Point Man
  • Anchor Man (no, this was long before the comedy!)
  • Battle Ready
  • True Courage
  • King Me
  • How to Ruin Your Life by 40
  • Men Leading the Charge
  • Real Valor
  • Gettin There, and
  • Standing Tall

I own and have read (at least once!) the first five, and will be adding the others to my collection in time.

What I love about Steve is his genuine style, his openness and his willingness to share – share what’s really on his heart, what God has taught him along the way, and some of the “hard lessons” he’s learned that we can avoid.

My Latest Steve Farrar Read

The most recent book I read, King Me, captured my attention from start to finish. Men, if you have sons & ever wondered about how much you were really influencing them? You need to read this book! Steve unpacks the lives of David and Solomon (and other prominent Biblical leaders) and demonstrates the effects their own fathering had… not only upon their sons, but their families for generations.

I found myself reading out whole pages to my wife Renee, and loved seeing her response as she saw my mind expand, my personal views stretched, but at the same time many of my beliefs and suspicions confirmed.

And as with any book I’ve read by Steve, you’ll find plenty of Biblical references to backup his opinions or recommendations – much like John Macarthur.

Glen’s video Summary of Steve Farrar

And yes… I know… my neck & shoulders do funky twitching in the video (due to poor lighting on that part of my green screen. And I brought the audio up too quickly at the end… but hey, this is me fighting my perfectionism, to just get something published & uploaded!!! 🙂 Hopefully you can see through the technical shortcomings & just focus on the content!

Where to Find Steve Farrar’s Books

You can find Steve Farrar’s materials in most Christian book stores (online or even the old fashioned type!) or directly from Amazon:

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You can check out Steve Farrar’s website for even more related resources.

John MacArthur – Courage on the World Stage

John Macarthur – Man of Courage

John MacArthur | Man of Courage

John MacArthur | Man of Courage

It takes guts to talk about Jesus in front of your work colleagues. It takes courage to declare Biblical truth – and to claim your belief in that truth – with a world who is seeking “relative truth”.

But it takes even more courage to stand on Biblical truth on international television. And that is exactly what John MacArthur has been doing for decades.

In front of the world, with popular leading spiritual leaders (from all walks and views!) John MacArthur speaks straight from the Word of God – while others flounder around with “I thinks”, “I’ve heards” and “Well I just believes”.

You can tell by the looks he receives from his other panel members, that they think he’s old fashioned… narrow minded… not “enlightened” to their level of spirituality. And yet, what is their source of truth? Often times it’s their own worldly thinking… a mixture of multiple world religions, melted into one new “thought”.

But John? The Bible, the Bible, the Bible, the Bible.

Quoting scripture references left, right & centre.

And I absolutely love that about John MacArthur!

Too many preachers these days are “seeker friendly” – not wanting to bring up the “nasty” side of Christianity, like sin, Hell, God’s judgement… but focus instead upon what God can give you and do for you. A bit like a genie in a bottle. Because frankly, that “God” is much easier to sell to a broken world, isn’t it? And if you’re looking to maximise your weekly giving, well better to tell an easy-to-hear message, sprinkled with comedy, than to make people feel uncomfortable… right?

If you’ve not yet watched or heard anything by John MacArthur, I highly recommend you check him out. Renee’s family were involved in the Australian distribution of Grace to You (John’s Church in the US) many years ago, and her mum’s library is packed with tapes from the 70’s & 80’s – still absolute gold… if you can find a tape player  😎

In the meantime, why not check out this video below, where John MacArthur is on a Larry King panel, discussing Jesus. If nothing else, it’ll give you an appreciation of the man’s faith, tenacity and focus on Biblical truth!

John MacArthur on Larry King

Other John MacArthur Resources

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You can check out more videos by John MacArthur at his Church’s website.

Life With Mission VS Life As Mission

 Life As Mission

He says, “Often we think of [discipleship and mission] as like it’s this crazy, disjointed thing. ‘I don’t know how I‘m going to fit it in my life, all this missional stuff. I’m so freaking busy. How would I possibly fit it in my life.‘  I want to suggest today that we need to change our thinking about discipleship…

Life with Mission

We need to move from a mindset of additional to intentional. What if God has actually given us this amazing way of seeing life that would make all of life one big, huge opportunity for discipleship and mission? Like everything we’re already doing, what if it’s already an opportunity, perfectly for discipleship and mission? He has. It’s the rhythm of life that he’s placed us in.


Discipleship is not this set of activities or classes that we need to take. God has actually built the world and everything we’re about and everyone you know is in the same rhythm and it’s perfectly set up for us to live this way.”



The Dirty Socks that Almost Killed My Marriage

By Sam Crowe

Antony and I sat down to dinner a few weeks ago with some friends, a married couple, from interstate that we hadn’t seen face to face for over 2 years. We realised that we hadn’t shared a big part of our lives with them – the near implosion and then miraculous transformation of our marriage.


In a frank, open, loving conversation we shared the details of our marriage breakdown, they asked questions, and we all discussed together. Within that I was able to articulate how I had felt in our marriage three years ago. In a nutshell I would say that although Antony said he loved me, and I believed that he thought he loved me… I didn’t feel loved. Then came the critical question of the night, “What was the catalyst, or the big thing that you could put it all down to?”

“He left his dirty socks inside out in the dirty clothes basket.”




More silence with quizzical looks. Followed by a round of silence.


He didn’t turn his dirty socks the right way round? That’s right, there was no adultery, there was no abuse, he frequently tried to use my love language to fill my “love tank”, he was a ‘hands-on’ Dad, he did a lot of work around the house and he was the most prolific vacuumer you could ever meet. How is it possible that despite all this, I could say I didn’t feel loved because he left his socks inside out?


Allow me to give some background. I spent three years working with teenage girls as a housemistress at a boarding school. One thing I learnt very clearly was that when you had a request or a command you had better make sure you also had a reasonable and well thought out response to the inevitable question, “Why?” And a little more relevant background – my husband is a fire fighter and he does a lot of physical training at work and at home. Ergo, his socks are always sweaty, sometimes smelly and particularly disgusting if they have been sitting at the bottom of the dirty clothes basket for a couple of days.


Not too many years into our marriage I made the request that he turn his socks the right way round before putting them in the dirty clothes basket. I followed this request with the very reasonable and well thought out basis for my request, “It’s really gross to put my hand into your inside-out socks because they are all sweaty, and I need to turn the socks the right way round because you wear them outside without shoes and they don’t come out of the wash as clean if I wash them inside out,” (or words to that effect).


Six years on I was making the same request with the same reasoning verbalised. I was also receiving the same response – inside-out socks followed by a variety of excuses. From our courting days I told Antony that I didn’t want to be a nagging wife and he fully supported me in this decision!! I was now in a bind. I didn’t want to nag, but I wanted the behaviour to change.


I can almost hear some men saying as they read this article, “What’s the big deal, turn the socks the right way round and wash your hands afterwards.” Or perhaps, “You are supposed to serve like Jesus, stop complaining and get over it. It could be much worse and you are just getting worked up over socks.”


Now I’m going to speak very frankly. Men, when your wife asks something of you repeatedly and you do not fulfil her request what you are saying to her is, “What is important to you is not important to me.” And whether you like it or not, whether you agree with me or not, what she hears from you is, “You are not important to me.” It’s that simple. It is that black and white. This is the whole point of this article. If your wife is a nag, please re-read this paragraph.


Of course you will tell her that you love her and you will point out all the other stuff you do that is important to you but less important to her, to prove to her that you love her.


In the end, the issue wasn’t about the actual socks at all. It was about what they represented. I made a reasonable request to my husband and he ignored it on a daily basis for six years. I didn’t feel loved.


Men, are you being nagged by your wives over insignificant things like socks? Does your wife complain about the way you do (or don’t do) something? Does she nag you because you “don’t listen” or “have communication issues”? This issue is not the communication, it’s what you are doing with the information. You now have a choice to make: to serve your wife or to continue to serve yourself and pretend it’s her problem (check out Ephesians 5:25-27 for some biblical input on this).


I’m very pleased to inform you that my story has a happy ending. I am blessed that Antony has a teachable heart and that eventually (with the assistance of others) he realised that all the vacuuming in the world doesn’t assure me of his love if spotless floors are not important to me. He now turns his socks the right way round (most of the time) and is greatly enjoying the benefits of a happy, beloved wife.


What Does It Mean For A Husband To Love And Lead Like Jesus?

This 13 min video elaborating on Ephesians  5 provides some powerful insight into how men can lead according to God’s word.

It’s a massive call to live up to but one that is a tremendous privilege, I could not recommend strongly enough take the time to watch this video.