Having a Father’s Heart

A father's heartAs fathers, we have a unique opportunity and responsibility. God has entrusted us to lead our children – to love them as He loves us.

Guys, the sobering fact is this – you and I represent how our children will view God. Particularly in the formative years. That’s a humbling and awesome thought, isn’t it? Our kids will look to us and see how we treat them, and that will become their reference point for their heavenly father! To do this, we have to have a father’s heart for our kids.

Are we patient with our kids, as God is patient with us? Do we value our kids, as God values us? Do we cherish our kids, as God cherishes us? Do we nurture our kids, as God nurtures us? Do we protect our kids, as God protects us? Do we spend time with our kids, as God wants to spend time with us? Do we speak words of truth and life into our kids, as God speaks words of truth and life to us (through his Word and the Holy Spirit)?

Another way to look at it – God has given you an incredible opportunity to influence the future of your children… to represent God to them! What a blessing – what a gift! Sadly too often though, this gift is viewed as a burden… instead of seeing the opportunity, we see the inconvenience.

But it also goes beyond our own children. This same concept applies to how we love God’s Church! It affects how we love those in our community, our workplace, our sporting teams.

Mark Driscoll recently released a video about what it means to have a father’s heart, which we were compelled to include here on our site.

Mark’s Video about A Father’s Heart