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What is Courage? (


  1. The ability to do something that frightens one.
  2. Strength in the face of pain or grief.

We (Antony Crowe & Glen Parker) built this site after both being challenged in our walk with God – as men, as husbands and as fathers.
Both of us have walked through some “tough stuff”, which you can read about in our individual “About” pages. Through discipleship, we’ve both had some loving (and “straight-up”) teaching which has helped highlight some areas we were not living up to God’s standards in our lives, including:
    • Not prioritising our wives
    • Poor stewardship of time & money
    • Not understanding our roles in the home
    • Not leading our families
    • Acting impulsively
    • Impatience
    • … and more
When we both went to see the movie, “Courageous” with some other Christian brothers, we were both encouraged that a similar message was being made “public”. Inspired largely by the end speech / mini-sermon in this movie, we both knew we should register this website & start sharing some of what we’ve learned.
Although we are both VERY different guys (Glen’s an IT nerd and Ant’s a firefighter… say no more), they have discovered (and continue to discover!) how God can use His church’s differences to grow His kingdom!
We’re the body of Christ, so we can’t all be legs… we can’t all be arms… and we can’t all be the head. So it makes sense that in that “body” we’re going to come across people with different personalities, different interests & different backgrounds.
But the one thing we all have uniting us? Faith in a loving, perfect Father God, and a life-long desire to follow His son Jesus Christ!

Overall Objectives of Men of Courage

Training & encouragement of men (regardless of marital status) to live a life that models Christ and glorifies him – to be all God has called them to be… equipping men to:

    • Demonstrate God’s love to his wife, kids & church
    • Pastor their family
    • Protect their family & the church
    • Provide for their family & the church
    • Take full responsibility for their lives – sin of them and their family, their actions, their reputation etc
    • Live sacrificially
Top priorities to be taught:
    • Becoming a disciple of Jesus
    • How to be a servant husband
    • How to be a servant father
    • How to be a faithful worker
    • How the Church / ministry fits into “life”
    • Sonship – sense of acceptance, identity, value / worth
We’re happy to answer any questions you may have!
Wishing you all the best,
Glen Parker & Antony Crowe
               Glen Parker   &     Antony Crowe

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  1. Hi Guys, i just read on my friend Darrens fb site about your ministry…wondering if you mind if we from time to time print some of your articles in our paper…maybe even you would like to write us an article on why you started this ministry…i believe this is a very important issue and would love to promot it for the kingdom of God…blessings Corinne

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