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Glen Parker with lovely awesome wife ReneeMy name is Glen Parker (if you hadn’t worked that bit out yet!)

At time of writing, I’m 36, married to the ever-amazing, stunning, creative and 100%-awesome Renee. We’ve enjoyed 14 years of marriage (15 in September!) and have three little blessings as a result: Allira (11), Ethan (8) and Isabella (4). Interestingly, both our girls share a birthday – 8th March – 7 years apart! <insert comment about regular marital activities here> 🙂

My background is IT, where I’m currently an IT manager (managing the rollout of ITIL standards to multinational clients – basically, trying to help our people do their job better 🙂 ) My other passion (apart from Jesus, my family and Men of Courage!) is helping small business owners with their marketing. I’m helping a number of clients to generate web leads, which is VERY satisfying & something I’m working towards developing further.

God has truly blessed me in my life, and I am pretty-much in a permanent state of shock at how much grace, patience and love He has shown me.

Earlier I wrote that Renee and I had “enjoyed” almost 15 years of marriage. In the interest of full disclosure however, I’d have to say that my attitudes and short-comings as a husband and father meant that we didn’t really enjoy many of those years as much as we could have.

Through the loving support and guidance of some key people in my life, primarily my mentor for the last 6 years or so, God has revealed many areas of my life which were – simply – ungodly. Some of those lessons have been very difficult. Many have caused me to stretch myself as a person, to overcome things which I had battled for years.

Rather than share my whole life story with you, I’ll simply list some of the areas God has helped me to address:

  • Selfishness – I spent too many years focusing on “doing my own business”, and disregarded the needs of my wife & kids
  • Stewardship – I spent too much time wasting time, and not managing my money properly (spending more than I earned by not tracking my spend!)
  • Leadership – I was passive, and let my wife deal with things I should’ve been dealing with (a HUGE breakthrough in our marriage when I started to rise up & act righteously in this area)
  • Pornography – Not sure if you’ve noticed, but there’s a lot of it out there…! This was a strangle-hold on my life for as long as I can remember. By God’s grace I’m glad to say I’ve broken this chain, and never felt so free
  • Identity – I spent many years of my life comparing myself to others, trying to look good in the eyes of others (a “man pleaser” is a common term for this, rather than a “God pleaser”), anxious about a lot of stuff… but I’ve learned that as  son of God, I have everything I need in Him and need no affirmation from any man. My dad is the King!

I do hope you get something useful from this site. If you read the content with an open mind, an open heat, and an understanding that we’re not trying to “preach” to you but trying to “reach” you – and help give you hope that you CAN pick up from where you are, and with God’s help, become the man he DESIGNED you to be!

Oh, and yes – it’s a journey, all the way… it’s very important for me to know that nothing I’ve written here is meant to be boasting. My intention is to give glory to God, because there’s no way I could do this stuff on my own strength.

Be blessed,

Glen Parker


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