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What Is A Complimentarian John Piper

What Is A Complimentarian John Piper

Great teaching from John Piper a man I greatly respect,


If you want to download or listen to Audio only follow this link our differences


This is an extract that I found a helpful illustration


“Second, let me create an illustration to portray some of the differences between manhood and womanhood. A picture may be worth a thousand words — even a word picture. Suppose among the young adults at the Downtown Campus a young man and woman — say 20-years old — find themselves chatting before the worship service. He likes what he hears and sees, and says, “Are you sitting with anyone?” They sit together. They notice how each engages with God in worship.

When the service is over, as they are leaving, he says, “Do you have any lunch plans? I’d love to treat you to lunch.” At that point she can signal she is not interested, “I do have some plans. But thanks.” Or she can signal the opposite: “I do, but let me make a call. I think I can change them. I’d love to go.”

Neither has a car, so he suggests they walk to Maria’s Café down on Franklin Avenue, about 10 minutes from the church. As they walk he finds out that she has a black belt in martial arts, and that she is one of the best in the state. At 19th Street two men block their way ominously and say, “Pretty girl friend you’ve got there. We’d like her purse and your wallet. In fact, she’s so pretty we’d like her.” The thought goes through his head: “She can whip these guys.” But instead of stepping behind her, he takes her arm, pulls her back behind him, and says, “If you’re going to touch her, it will be over my dead body.”

When they make their move, he tackles them both and tells her to run. They knock him unconscious, but before they know what hit them, she has put them both on their backs with their teeth knocked out. And a little crowd has gathered. The police and ambulance come and she gets in the ambulance with the young man. And she has one main thought on the way to the hospital: This is the kind of man I want to marry.

Not About Competency

The main point of that story is to illustrate that the deeper differences of manhood and womanhood are not superior or inferior competences. There are rather deep dispositions or inclinations written on the heart, albeit often very distorted. Notice three crucial things.

First, he took the initiative and asked if he could sit with her and if she would go to lunch and suggested the place and how to get there. She saw clearly what he was doing, and responded freely according to her desires. She joined the dance. This says nothing about who has superior competences in planning. God writes the impulse to lead on a man’s heart. And the wisdom to discern it and enjoy it on a woman’s.

Second, he said that he wanted to treat her to lunch. He’s paying. This sends a signal. “I think that’s part of my responsibility. In this little drama of life, I initiate, I provide.” She understands and approves. She supports the initiative and graciously accepts the offer to be provided for. She takes the next step in the choreography. And it says nothing about who is wealthier or more capable of earning. It is what God’s man feels he must do.

Third, it is irrelevant to the masculine soul that a woman he is with has greater self-defending competencies. It is his deep, God-given, masculine impulse to protect her. It is not a matter of superior competency. It is a matter of manhood. She saw it. She did not feel belittled by it, but honored, and she loved it.

At the heart of mature manhood is the God-given sense (disposition, inclination) that the primary responsibility (not sole responsibility) lies with him when it comes to leadership-initiative, provision, and protection. And at the heart of mature womanhood is the God-given sense (disposition, inclination) that none of this implies her inferiority, but that it will be a beautiful thing to come along side such a man and gladly affirm and receive this kind of leadership and provision and protection.

The Real Jesus And Me

The Real Jesus And Me

Back in September 2009 I started my journey investigating Lukes Gosple, I was convicted that I needed to get to know the “Real”Man that Jesus is. The series can be watched at the link bellow.


It was not till working through this 100 part sermon series about 1 hour each (and some extensive study myself), that I Understood who Jesus really was and how much true grit and Love he has for me and his Church. Through this series I grew in my understanding of Jesus, I guess you could say previously my view of Jesus was “Black and White” and this series transformed it to “Full Colour”. The series shows historical locations and places which helped me get a feel for the time and place Jesus lived on earth. The time I spent working through the book of Luke really helped me to understand how I can follow Jesus as a true disiple and what calling Jesus has on my life.

I would simply like to encourage you all that time spent getting to know your King is an investment that will be of great proffit to you. Perhaps you may like to use your commute to listen to it or as I did whilst riding my push bike training or perhaps whilst mowing the lawn.

Currently Im listening to this series called Jesus Love His Church


Which is a series from the book of ACTS

Note: both Luke and Acts where written by Luke who was a Doctor sponsored by Theopholis to write an accurate account of Jesus life and the Church.

This series has already been a big challange to me in how much Jesus loves his church and how I am to allow God to work through me to love his Church too. So if you desire to have a life that is connected to Jesus and one that can be unleashed from Sin through repentance and faith  the book of Luke and Acts are a great place to start.

Hapy travelling



Mars Hill’s Luke Series

Before watching this Luke series and working through the book of Luke  in-depth,  my view of Jesus was distorted.


I had the view although I never said it that he was kind of  wishy washy and off patting lambs and stuff like that.  This series made me grow immensely in my respect for and understanding of who Jesus is! I highly recommend the time investment (its 100 sermons each about 1 hour long) but its well worth the time.


I hope like me you get to know the Jesus who is strong, fearless, courageous, loving, kind, huge tolerance for pain, protector,  a servant and king!

The Jesus of the bible!

follow this link to start the journey


Luke’s Gospel: Investigating the Man Who Is God | Mars Hill Church

MAN V WIFE Sermon Series

This is a link to a sermon series called MAN V WIFE by Perry Noble.

Disclaimer: I have not watched them all as yet… so I can’t vouch for all of them.


If you’re not offended by his sense of humour it has some great content 🙂

It is a 6 part series. Check it out here:

The question EVERY MAN must answer

I highly recommend this sermon by Perry Noble! It sums up much of what Men Of Courage is about, regardless of your life situation.

Great teaching on what the calling of a man is:

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