The Fish Wish (poem by C Brian Borg)

The Fish Wish.

For an ordinary man with a holiday plan,
thought he’d head to the beach for a week.
with his son by his side, the mans joy and his pride,
A fish dinner to catch they will seek.

To be a good dad, is the plan the man had,
and to teach his young son how to fish.
Rod, line and then hook, he taught by the book,
he then said, not a prayer but a wish.

I wish for the weather to hold us together,
and no waves will come crashing inside.
I wish there no snags, old boots or no rags,
be washed to our hooks by the tide.

I wish the line strong for the fish to jump on,
knots, tangles and nests there are none.
I wish for my boy, this rod be a toy,
then all day he will think this is fun.

I wish us to catch, not one but a batch,
to kiss and put back where they came.
I wish this to be, our day at the sea,
where no fish that are caught are the same.

I wish that my boy will always enjoy,
the memories that are had here today.
and I wish most of all, my son has a ball,
when the big one does not get away.

The man then stopped wishing.
“its time to start fishing” he said to his son with a grin.
“I think it is time for these fish to be mine,
and now let the fishing begin”.

Time after time they’d drop in their line,
the fish didn’t seem to be there.
they’d bring up the hook, just for a look,
the cooler they brought was still bare.

“I’m sorry my son, we didn’t catch one,
I don’t know what I must say.
maybe the bad bait, or the tide was too late,
but now we must call it a day”.

The man could not hide, the joy or the pride,
or the tear that was happy not sad.

“Today it was fun”, said the mans only son.
“Cause my wish was to just be with you, DAD”.

C Brian Borg 2000

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