Steve Farrar: “True Courage”

So what is True Courage?

While it’s taken me longer than I’d hoped (video work always does!) I’ve finally recorded, edited and uploaded the next video in the series – a short review of Steve Farrar’s book, True Courage.

True Courage by Steve Farrar

Steve uses the life of Daniel as an example of what true courage looks like, for Christians. Simply put, he describes true courage as trusting in God more than man, trusting God with your future, and trusting in God’s sovereignty over world events.

It can be hard to display courage in our hectic, doom-&-gloom-focused world. But it is easy to feel overwhelmed – just watch the nightly news, and you’re likely to come away feeling depressed, fearful, and questioning what’s going on in this crazy planet!

But God’s got it. It’s in His hands. Just like YOU are in His hands.

True Courage – Mini Book Review

Grab a copy of True Courage

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Whether you choose to get your copy from this site or from your local Christian book store, I do highly recommend you grab a copy of True Courage!

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