Thoughts On Being a “Real Man”


What comes to your mind when you think of Real Men?

Is it images of Power, Money, and Strength? Perhaps an image of Conan the barbarian or as is my case Indian Jones comes to mind.


The world bombards us with images of what it is to be a “Man” If there is one thing I have learnt in the last few years its that our culture can never be allowed to dictate what our doctrine is. So what has Gods word got to say about it?


Manhood as God intended it is really expressed fully by Jesus who is the God-man; he’s the perfect example of what it means to be a real man and a good son. It’s all about Jesus!


The Bible presents this concept and shows us the way that men and women relate it’s … a theological term called complementarianism. Yes I just used an 8-syllable word keep reading and I will explain.


Put simply complementarinisum means that men and women are created equal and are both image bearers of God. They both, together, in right relationship, ultimately reflect the Trinitarian God who’s three in one. And so humanity, ultimately, was created by God to be in relationship with him and reflect his glory.


 It’s critical that we understand that men and women are equal. That’s the bottom line. But in their relationship, God has ordained that men have certain roles or responsibilities in the home and in the church, those being the leadership roles. And so when we define what it means to be a man, what we’re really talking about is being a man who’s like Jesus. Jesus isn’t just our model, but Jesus is our means of changing from the inside out…


 So a biblical man is one who, like Jesus does three key things. Given that Jesus was a single man they are obviously applicable to single and married men. In Ephesians 6 the bible shows how a husband should relate to his wife and how Christ likewise relates to us the Church.

In my opinion there are three key areas:



 Firstly he pastors them, meaning he takes responsibility for being the spiritual leader in his home, in his Church. Jesus demonstrated this fully on the cross where he took ultimate “Responsibility” for the Sin of the Church in the same way men are called to do this for there family. In Gen when Adam and Eve sinned who did God go to first? It was Adam God called Adam to account for the sin of his family. Both Adam and Eve sinned but God called Adam on it and held him “Responsible” for the Sin of his family, read the account for yourself Chapter 3 of Gen  “Adam Where are you…”


 Secondly, he’s responsible for providing for their needs. The Bible says the buck stops with the man.

Doesn’t mean that women can’t work, doesn’t mean that they can’t be effective in the workplace; doesn’t even mean that they can’t have authority over men in the workplace. But it does mean, when it’s time for the bills to be paid, the man, the husband of the home is the one who’s ultimately going to be held responsible by God to make sure that happens. Again Jesus provided for our greatest need on the cross (Reconciliation with God) we also see many examples of how Jesus cared for the needs of his disciples and those around him (feeding the crowds, healing sick, forgiving Sin).


 Lastly, a man is to be a protector. Jesus fought for the Church he protected it like a Shepherd protects a lamb. Jesus sacrificed and suffered for the Church, in the same way we men are called to protect our wife and or kids (if we are blessed with them) and Church following the example Jesus has set.


It could be said that “Real Manhood” begins when a boy takes on that role of responsibility. Our culture has encouraged the concept of “Adolescence” which is essentially the period where young men are encouraged to not take responsibility as if it was something to be postponed or avoided till you have to do it. The truth is Men of Courage stand firm when boys run off to play.


 Real Manhood its all about Jesus, it’s a hard road and one that takes much courage. Is that you?

Antony Crowe

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