Father’s Day 2012 – What Not To Do

Don’t Do What Daddy Don’t Does!

To celebrate Father’s Day 2012, Glen & Antony made a short, light-hearted video demonstrating what NOT to do as a Dad.

Being a dad can be hard work… being a GREAT dad can be exhausting! While we both recognise areas where we really “messed up” as dads, we’re grateful to God for the opportunity to correct bad habits / behaviours, and develop those areas over time.

Some of the lessons we’ve learned along the way:

  • Be present with your kids – just because you’re in the same immediate vicinity as your children, doesn’t mean you’re “WITH” them. Smart phones, tablets, books, TV & other distractions simply telegraph to your kids that they’re not as important as the thing distracting you. In fact, the same applies with your wife & anybody else you’re trying to communicate with! Be present. Let the phone ring. Ignore the email notification. FOCUS on your kids
  • Consider the heart – it’s easy to “go off” at our kids when they do something wrong. But it takes patience (dare I say courage) to pause, and really consider the action. Did your child simply make a “childish mistake”? Were they trying to do the right thing, but simply lacked the wisdom in how to play it out? What was the intent of their actions? Often by asking questions & working through what happened, you’ll create a fantastic learning situation – for you and your child. As fathers we’re instructed to teach our children, so we need to understand (and expect) that we SHOULD have these situations arise – and see them as opportunities to help our children mature & develop
  • Don’t be the final authority – “father knows best” is a bit of a lost notion, but “our heavenly Father knows best” is as true today as it ever has been. By letting our kids know that we don’t have all the answers, we demonstrate our humanity – and our dependence upon God in our daily lives. Rather than putting rules in place simply because we’re the dad, we can point our kids to scripture to support the reasons for the rules. And the reason for following those rules becomes “because we love God & want to give glory to Him”, not simply “because I said so!”
  • Pray with your kids – similar to the previous point, we DON’T have all the answers. Sitting down with your kids to pray through their anxiety, their sadness, their concerns etc is a wonderful privilege – for teaching our kids to “cast our cares upon Him”, to “lean not on our own understanding” and “with prayer and supplication making our requests known to the Lord”. When we pray with our kids – in every-day situations – we are living out our faith, and teaching our kids specific ways to apply their belief in God… that it’s not just religious theory, but practical to our lives every day

There’s much more, but we’ll save that for another post…

Give us a few months to recover from our injuries (and late nights of editing the content) and we’ll make another video 🙂

Happy Father’s Day 2012!



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