Just One Click Away (Must watch video) 6min


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  1. Antony says:

    Ants thoughts

    Working through any Sin is hard work! Its best done with help. There are many accountability software products many of them are free that can help put practical things in place to provide some transparency in what you see or search for on the net.

    If you need help we are happy to talk through some options you can even remain anonymous.
    I strongly encourage you to find a friend you trust and who you know will keep you accountable.

    You may even find that they too struggle with this and you may be able to help each other. Don’t just let this go if you feel the holy spirit saying “You should do something about that” Now is the time to act and a great start is with repentance. Then follow that up with some practical help (i.e. web software to show others what you are looking at) and accountability.

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