Mars Hill’s “Real Marriage” Series

What is a “real marriage”?

Is a “real marriage” two people living under the same roof, living separate lives? Is it a constant battle? Is it meant to be peaceful and harmonious at all times? Are there meant to be disagreements?

Well, it’s been said the best way to love your kids is to show them how you love your wife. Problem is, how many men today actually know HOW to love their wives, and therefore have a “real marriage”?

The Bible makes it pretty clear – that we should lay down our lives for our wives, as Christ lay down his life for the Church. This is sacrificial love of the highest kind! Yet with increasing divorce rates (both inside and outside the Church) it’s evident that this calling is being unheard, or ignored.

Even for Christian men, the examples of truly committed, Godly husband figures, are few and far between.

Mars Hill Real MarriageIf you’re serious about being a better man for your wife and your family… if you recognise there are some areas in your marriage which are less than ideal… if you want to see breakthrough in your relationship with your wife… then we strongly encourage you to watch Mars Hill’s series on marriage, titled Real Marriage. With your wife!

Covering all the key aspects of marriage from relationship, roles of husbands & wives, the real issues with pornography, God’s design for sex… ¬†you’ll be hard-pressed not to be challenged by at least SOME of the content.

Both Antony & I have been watching the series with our wives, and have found it to be some of the best teaching on marriage that we’ve ever seen.

The “missing piece” in my view, is the way women & men are designed differently – specifically, when a Christian man takes the lead in his family (in the right Biblical context!), his Christian wife will respond accordingly… but it first needs the man to take the initiative. It can’t work in a relationship where the wife is constantly pushing / reminding / leading the husband!

2 Responses to “Mars Hill’s “Real Marriage” Series”

  1. Antony says:

    Just finished watching all this series with my wife (Sam) we found it very helpful and certainly outlines some great principles. My favourite comment which I will paraphrase. Talking about husbands If you look at your Wife/family as a Garden *drawing parallels with the Garden of Eden.
    “You (the husband) are the gardener don’t complain if your garden is not how you like it”

    I guess the point I take from that is that ultimately as the head (servant leader) if there is an issue its ours to take the first step to reconciliation in the same pattern that Jesus set when he brought reconciliation with us and God. Its Our responsibility and privilege to serve our wires and kids in this way as servant leaders.


  2. Antony says:

    I would love to here any feedback from people who have watched the series,
    What did you learn?
    how will you apply it?
    Has it changed the way you see your role as husband?
    Has it changed how you look at marriage?

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