Steve Farrar – Man of Courage

Who is Steve Farrar?

Steve Farrar | Man of Courage

Steve Farrar | Man of Courage

When it comes to consistent male Christian authors, Steve Farrar would have to be high on the list.

After dedicating 15 years to serve as the pastor of a local church and speaking infrequently at conferences, Steve was called to his next step in ministry – helping Christian men get connected back to their Father God, and equipping them to be everything God calls them to be.

Steve has written many books over the years, including:

  • Point Man
  • Anchor Man (no, this was long before the comedy!)
  • Battle Ready
  • True Courage
  • King Me
  • How to Ruin Your Life by 40
  • Men Leading the Charge
  • Real Valor
  • Gettin There, and
  • Standing Tall

I own and have read (at least once!) the first five, and will be adding the others to my collection in time.

What I love about Steve is his genuine style, his openness and his willingness to share – share what’s really on his heart, what God has taught him along the way, and some of the “hard lessons” he’s learned that we can avoid.

My Latest Steve Farrar Read

The most recent book I read, King Me, captured my attention from start to finish. Men, if you have sons & ever wondered about how much you were really influencing them? You need to read this book! Steve unpacks the lives of David and Solomon (and other prominent Biblical leaders) and demonstrates the effects their own fathering had… not only upon their sons, but their families for generations.

I found myself reading out whole pages to my wife Renee, and loved seeing her response as she saw my mind expand, my personal views stretched, but at the same time many of my beliefs and suspicions confirmed.

And as with any book I’ve read by Steve, you’ll find plenty of Biblical references to backup his opinions or recommendations – much like John Macarthur.

Glen’s video Summary of Steve Farrar

And yes… I know… my neck & shoulders do funky twitching in the video (due to poor lighting on that part of my green screen. And I brought the audio up too quickly at the end… but hey, this is me fighting my perfectionism, to just get something published & uploaded!!! 🙂 Hopefully you can see through the technical shortcomings & just focus on the content!

Where to Find Steve Farrar’s Books

You can find Steve Farrar’s materials in most Christian book stores (online or even the old fashioned type!) or directly from Amazon:

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You can check out Steve Farrar’s website for even more related resources.

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