John MacArthur – Courage on the World Stage

John Macarthur – Man of Courage

John MacArthur | Man of Courage

John MacArthur | Man of Courage

It takes guts to talk about Jesus in front of your work colleagues. It takes courage to declare Biblical truth – and to claim your belief in that truth – with a world who is seeking “relative truth”.

But it takes even more courage to stand on Biblical truth on international television. And that is exactly what John MacArthur has been doing for decades.

In front of the world, with popular leading spiritual leaders (from all walks and views!) John MacArthur speaks straight from the Word of God – while others flounder around with “I thinks”, “I’ve heards” and “Well I just believes”.

You can tell by the looks he receives from his other panel members, that they think he’s old fashioned… narrow minded… not “enlightened” to their level of spirituality. And yet, what is their source of truth? Often times it’s their own worldly thinking… a mixture of multiple world religions, melted into one new “thought”.

But John? The Bible, the Bible, the Bible, the Bible.

Quoting scripture references left, right & centre.

And I absolutely love that about John MacArthur!

Too many preachers these days are “seeker friendly” – not wanting to bring up the “nasty” side of Christianity, like sin, Hell, God’s judgement… but focus instead upon what God can give you and do for you. A bit like a genie in a bottle. Because frankly, that “God” is much easier to sell to a broken world, isn’t it? And if you’re looking to maximise your weekly giving, well better to tell an easy-to-hear message, sprinkled with comedy, than to make people feel uncomfortable… right?

If you’ve not yet watched or heard anything by John MacArthur, I highly recommend you check him out. Renee’s family were involved in the Australian distribution of Grace to You (John’s Church in the US) many years ago, and her mum’s library is packed with tapes from the 70’s & 80’s – still absolute gold… if you can find a tape player  😎

In the meantime, why not check out this video below, where John MacArthur is on a Larry King panel, discussing Jesus. If nothing else, it’ll give you an appreciation of the man’s faith, tenacity and focus on Biblical truth!

John MacArthur on Larry King

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You can check out more videos by John MacArthur at his Church’s website.

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